What is the Future of Astronomy? Featuring Fraser Cain

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Werrf1 (@guest_1453)
1 year ago

24:10 : I got my first telescope – an 8-inch Dobsonian, as it happens – for my birthday about five years ago. Naturally, as soon as it was dark, I took it outside, lined it up on a bright point in the sky for practice, and looked. It took me a second to realise that I wasn't looking at a star – I was looking at Saturn. The rings were perfect, tiny but absolutely crystal clear. A few days later, I took my telescope to my son's cub scout campout, and found Saturn again. The kids took turns looking at… Read more »

Mitch Gordon
Mitch Gordon (@guest_1452)
1 year ago

I live at 6026' in the middle of NV and have good stargazing do to the low light pollution, I have a older 4" mead but I'm looking to upgrade in the future. Outstanding content thanks.

Damian P
Damian P (@guest_1451)
1 year ago

I'm 27 and I remember being on vacation in the rockie mountains and seeing the comet. It sure was humbling expirience. When realizing it wont reaper somthing like 2520 years.


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