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Do We Live In A Multiverse? Featuring Brian Keating

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Ali Shaikh
Ali Shaikh

The whole was less than the holes if you will…..

Stefan Ingemansson
Stefan Ingemansson

The Drake equation is impossible to solve. We do not know the factors to any sensible degree at all. It's just fancy guesswork.

We do not know the number of planets that develop life.
We do not know how many of those that develop intelligence.
We do not know how many of those that develop technology.
We do not know how long such a civilization will last.

The Drake equation does not predict the number of civilizations. It's a thought experiment, a good one, but it proves nothing.

Thomas S
Thomas S

I don't like the Robot lady.

Karl BHX
Karl BHX

07:10…. inflation, faster that speed of light… a trillioneth of a trillioneth of a trillioneth of a second? Lol Where do these people, who typical have books for sale come from? They don't truly know. but simply regurgitate info that they've heard from someone else, which is largely theoretical as definitive and unquestionable facts and regurgitate and get views and subs and then we all are supposed to follow. It's the new religion. Man, I gotta focus on the here and now, the issues facing earth now.. And stop going online like some adfict and watching/listening to these people and… Read more »

Phil S
Phil S

Just a thought, but seeing as we were "supposed" to have a balance between matter and antimatter, could this be explained by the very rapid expansion of spacetime just after the event? Since the matter in the supraluminally expanding regions of spacetime could not interact with matter in other regions (owing to lightspeed limitations), then might it be possible that there IS an exact balance between matter and antimatter – since the matter (and antimatter) regions are moving away from each other at a speed greater than local lightspeed, and so mutual annihilation cannot occur? In essence, "bits" of the… Read more »


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