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Do We Live In A Multiverse? Featuring Brian Keating

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Saji Karunakaran
Saji Karunakaran

I the universe all the living
Non living things that are made by
atoms,in the cell prokaryote and
Eukaryote too.DNA of the eukaryotic cell that has made up
20 amino acids containing hydrogen,oxiygen,nitrogen and
Carbon elements.
Replication copy of a human
DNA,taking the atoms from the
body and to moleculas before
copy as the same as how to copy
the structure of face in CD.
This same element hydrogen we
Used in atombomb.According to
The decay mode of the atom,
moleculas change in order to
Condition.But the elementary
particles have not change.
Has any memory power by an
Atom please reply.

dil The pickle
dil The pickle

What does epoc mean? I’m new

Carlos Leon
Carlos Leon

whos the girl in the intro?


vacuum energy expanded the universe and vacuum decay brought it all back together X amount of times. we just happened to spawn into one of the instances.

Though. In an accelerating expanding universe vacuum decay can be merely a local disaster unless true vacuum has zero cosmological constant.

rex mundi
rex mundi

In another universe there is a Youtuber named Jean Michelle Gauthier who talks about fine cheeses.


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