How much religion do we need? Parents take legal action against 'forcing' Christianity on children

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Njoi Fontes
Njoi Fontes (@guest_2014)
1 year ago

This moronic commentator should be shot. If this really was a religious school than yeah this lawsuit makes no sense, the real issue seems to be the archaic law about forcing worship in schools which. That has to change

Cathal Ó Braonáin
Cathal Ó Braonáin (@guest_2013)
1 year ago

2:252:37 Something I hadn't thought of before. Thanks.

Micah Isreal
Micah Isreal (@guest_2012)
1 year ago

Jesus was NEVER white aka Esau
He is Black according to the Bible:
Daniel 10:5 kjv
Revelation 1:1 kjv
Revelation 1:14 kjv

Christianity is of the Devil
Revelation 12:9 Revelation 13:13 kjv

M Ch
M Ch (@guest_2011)
1 year ago

To hell with Christian values, do enforce more hollow-hoax on little creatures…. sapienti sat…

Ted LaughsAtCreationists
Ted LaughsAtCreationists (@guest_2010)
1 year ago

Teach children ethics when they are withdrawn from religious instruction. I know it isn't equal because ethics are far superior to religion but that is what should happen.


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