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Maurice Willows: Unsung Hero of the 1921 Tulsa Race Riot

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Seaman High School student Natalie Ford uncovers the story of Unsung Hero Maurice Willows in her award-winning project. This exceptional Discovery Award …

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William Blair
William Blair

Beware, as Tulsa Historical Society presents a speculative narrative based on the Tulsa Tribune newspaper issue with supposed missing pages; there is another account the Tulsa Daily World newspaper June 1, 1921 (in the Library of Congress) which discloses an entirely different story without missing pages. Flaw 1: At the time of the race riot May 31, 1921 reported June 1, 1921; there were no Klan in Tulsa. The vanguard of two Klan members were reported in August 1921. This throws suspicion on the claim of 3000 Klan members by year's end.Flaw 2: Tulsa Daily World reported 1000 blacks and… Read more »

Rich Keal
Rich Keal

This was purely an economic war. This community of Black Americans cracked the code of private banking and they were systematically murdered. Bankingwithoutbanks.com will help you understand the underpinnings. All Wars are Bankers Wars


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