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The Difference between Catholics and Protestant Christians

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Sita Coulibaly
Sita Coulibaly

1. I would like to talk about the ecumenical meeting. The prophets spoke of it and it happened on January 9th, 2003. A historic sign was given. The Bible and the Quran met. The Catholics, the Protestants, the evangelicals, the revealed or restored churches, the Muslims, the Buddhists, the Mahikaris, the Rosicrucians, traditional religions, the Eckankar, the Baha'i faith, politicians, mystical orders …all met at the palace of sports of Treichville to pray. To pray to who? I do not know! It is beyond my understanding. It is beyond a church federation. That is what a man could not imagine.

Mediateur Philippe
Mediateur Philippe

Prophet Kacou Philippe :The fact of being Jewish, Muslim, Hindu or Christian is like being homosexual and their gatherings in temples, mosques, churches and synagogues are Gay Prides before God. When Christians are killed by Muslims, it is like political or ethnic killings, this does not give them the right to go to heaven because they died for a religion. And in the interpretation of their holy book, they are all liars. How can you defend or interpret what is written in the Bible or the Quran when you are neither a prophet nor a witness to the facts written… Read more »

Cyrille Guessan
Cyrille Guessan

And today, you cannot be saved but by the Message of Prophet Kacou Philippe. If you were a child of God in their time, you would believe in them and it is the same today. [Ed:  The congregation says, “Amen!”] [Kc.3v12] [Kc.31v18] [Kc.91v6]

Deborah Kacou
Deborah Kacou

9. The Hebrew word for prophet is nabi and this word means: "spokesman" not miracles-bearer or anointing-bearer but spokesman. You see? The prophet messenger is the attribute and the manifestation of the Word of God for his generation.


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