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Why Western Civilization Needs Christianity

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Biased Lemmings
Biased Lemmings

Wait, wait, science is in a or crisis? Why didn't someone tell me the scientific method had been discarded? You're either one of the most ignorant people I've seen, without the slightest understanding of science or the scientific method, or, you're a liar. Not sure which. Shoving a bunch of false, misleading non-scientific headlines on a screen doesn't prove anything. All you are doing is asserting non-facts. Where did you get your evidence for your ridiculous claims? Give me any reputable source for any of your claims and I'll refute your claims. Just one. You're absolutely nonsensical.

Bulgarian English Property Translation
Bulgarian English Property Translation

Christianity is simple based on the teachings of Jesus – Jesus was an enlightened being – which is what everyone has the potential to be but few ever realize. It is simple the truths of the universe.

Kledo Muc
Kledo Muc

This video is art itself, you're awesome, thanks to god we have you.
Your video is one of the greatest puzzle chunks to the biggest question of our times where everybody is searching the purpose of life despite of still having freedom and security.
You're right, we are trying hard to find hope hence it isn't hard to see the wall coming very fast. Goods, money, success, everything is sounding like music under water to our dumb ears when we are chocking unable to grab Christian values and traditions to pull us above the surface from uncertainty to the safe heaven.


There was never a civilization greater than the Roman one when they were NOT Christian, even to this day they are ahead of us in certain aspects. It all fell apart when they chose a middle-eastern, jewish religion which was spread among the poor already like a disease. Basically they took a step backwards, and the amount of destructive events that followed in Europe because of that is incomprehensible to your modern armchair philosopher brain, you have to physically be there during those times to see how you like it. It took so long until they finally reformed it, and… Read more »

Jeffrey Morrissey
Jeffrey Morrissey

Science is also in crisis because so much is government- and foundation-funded.


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