The First Image of a Black Hole with Dr. Feryal Ozel

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Evan Roberts
Evan Roberts (@guest_1492)
1 year ago

The most important question to ask a scientist. Are they sexually active?????
Need to pass those genes on….

Bitchslapper316 (@guest_1491)
1 year ago

John, I was wondering if you have done a show yet discussing the possibility of alien races harnessing the power of black holes instead of the more commonly discussed stars/dyson sphere. I looked through your channels and have not seen anything related. Thanks again for making these.

nova1972x (@guest_1490)
1 year ago

Kudos to Dr. Feral Ozel. Thank you to her for all her hard work!

lurch ibold
lurch ibold (@guest_1489)
1 year ago

i find it mind boggling that we started off just observing the night sky with the naked eye, with absolutely no clue what lay beyond the limmits of our vision. To being able to see the most captivating object in the known universe that we cannot see using some of the most advanced tec of our time, invented by the people following in the footsteps and building on the knowledge passed down over thousands of years from those very astonomers that were just looking up. It makes me wonder what we will be able to do and see in another… Read more »

Alpha_Mach (@guest_1488)
1 year ago

I still love how it's called "spaghettification"


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