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The Geology of the Planets of the Solar System with Emily Lakdawalla

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Damjan Ilic
Damjan Ilic

Serious channel

Mad Banana
Mad Banana

That's cool and everything but did she finally find out when it was okay to go see Black Panther??

FakeNoob Yup
FakeNoob Yup

Emily is right ..We should start Collaborating instead of Competing in this world ..I have learned so much more in this single concise interview then all the searching i did on these subjects recently.. many Thanx John …and were off to a very interesting Space Year too …That's Great !


Can the acid water on Mars come from a weapon grade nuclear explosion?


I know this could possibly get some negative feedback…but, what about landing a rover on one of mars moons.. like phobos? I know thier has been talk about a monolith there.
Even Buzz Aldrin talked about one being thier.
You talked about that's what we need to look for.
Even Avi Loeb I believe said, hey we know life exists because we are here.
So why don't we check it out? Put our know it all thinking behind us and just see.
If it isnt a monolith then we can study the moon. Just my thought


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