The Top 9 Most Inconvenient Verses In The Bible! (for Christians, that is)

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Phin Kab
8 months ago

Wow unto you sir.wait ,the day to trim your arrogance is coming,don't get tired of hauling insults to the word of God. We Christians have no time to engage in your lack of sense.
But remember that one day yu be a dead body that's when you start beseeching Jesus to give a second chance. You will face Him,and not the people you are trying to please.
don't be stupid brother….

8 months ago

Jesus a Jew, he speak Jew/Aramaic, His religion is Jew. I'm from Indonesian feeling sorry for you atheis/gnostik FOOL english speaking, arabaic letter/reader: who try to grasps what Jesus speak/teach.

Azel Murry
8 months ago

The one who posted this video is the most FOOLISH IGNORANT PERSON

Rodane Thomas
8 months ago

You no ez

Selassie Fry
8 months ago

Watch Christians say, it's all about context lmao ! God is certainly, the God of confusion, silly Christians!

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