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A scientific defense of spiritual & religious faith | Tony Jack | TEDxCLE

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Natosha Nichole
Natosha Nichole

Ugh… way too much bs. So many claims in this have been shown otherwise by multiple numbers of studies.

Fabian K
Fabian K

a scientist believing or not believing in a god doesnt make it false or real. next.

Michael Herrera
Michael Herrera

Religion doesn't require proof or evidence as it's all based on faith; the conscience decision to believe in something. Just because a scientist chooses to believe in something they can't prove, or that there is no evidence for, doesn't mean they can't gather, parse, and disseminate the findings of various types of fact based information. Another important thing to consider is that as something based on faith, it doesn't need evidence or proof – the act of believing is the proof of it's existence, similar to a "tulpa" or "thoughtform". Imagine how much of a relief it might be to… Read more »


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