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Life in the 18th Century with Jon Townsend

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colin Paterson
colin Paterson

This is so interesting to me because I am subscribed to both channels due to my interests in history and astronomy but my question is about something a little different. Jon in the other part of this video you talk about suet and speculate as to something you call a dumpling, now as a Brit we often are confused by the same word having a different meaning on our side of the pond (I don't mean the pronunciation of tomato or the like). Examples include biscuits and muffins but the dumpling piqued my curiosity because, to me, a dumpling is… Read more »

Matthew Sapp
Matthew Sapp

very underrated channel. High quality videos and great discussions. Glad I stumbled upon this hidden gem. keep up the good work!

Flower Shark
Flower Shark

I just found this and I love it! So funny that I came across both of your channels recently and then I see this. Thanks for joining up!


I'm not sure I understand the connection between the age of the founding fathers and science oriented material that applies to scifi.


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