Looking at Stars with Star Trek Voyager's Tim Russ

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Martyn Greener
Martyn Greener (@guest_1531)
1 year ago

Tim is probably one of the best all-round Star Trek actors and a very intelligent man. Hats off sir!

Martyn Greener
Martyn Greener (@guest_1530)
1 year ago

Haha, just playing Star Trek Timelines on my phone. Who was first to appear? Tuvok of course! True Story!

Steve Russ
Steve Russ (@guest_1529)
1 year ago

Russ is great.

J. P.
J. P. (@guest_1528)
1 year ago

Tim Russ is knocking it out of the park lately! Loved him in the last two episodes of Orville, and now Event Horizon!

Cyan Blackflower
Cyan Blackflower (@guest_1527)
1 year ago

This is for Me, a real treat. I've always liked Tim Russ – since first seeing him as "Tuvok" on STV, where IMO he excelled as an actor, as he is one of only 3 people who again IMO was actually able to portray and carry the role of a "Vulcan". The other 2, being Mark Leonard, and of course Leonard Nimoy. For me that's it on the list. This has only been compounded by the fact that He is an excellent actor/director & musician – AND into astronomy. Thanks J.M. Godier, Event Horizon & Tim Russ for this.


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