My Thoughts on Religion.

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TheCoolestDadChad noice
TheCoolestDadChad noice (@guest_1617)
1 year ago

I respect all of your opinions. I’m a Christian and I think differently from you but I respect. There were times I had to pause the video because it hurt to watch. However, I just want say that you are an awesome person for not trying to shove your opinions down peoples throats. I know many people who do that and there some of the worse people. I hope that no one try’s to attack you for this video.

giggy4321 _
giggy4321 _ (@guest_1616)
1 year ago

On my goodness look at that disgusting SJWism at the end. >:(

Craig Nesshoefer
Craig Nesshoefer (@guest_1615)
1 year ago

So God is all good, go back in to Genesis God made humans with a choice, they could decide to eat from this tree but God told them not to. He did this because he didn’t want to Force them to that path he really wanted them to live in a life of all good but he didn’t want them to be slaves so humans are the route of all evil

Malife (@guest_1614)
1 year ago

Our generation is defined by how most of us are offended by him disrespecting the red hot chilli peppers rather than not believing in God.

Madeline Huffman
Madeline Huffman (@guest_1613)
1 year ago

He only had a existential crisis for 6 months!?! I've had it ever since I was 6!!!


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