Religion VS Atheism

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KiiiNG ROOK (@guest_1627)
1 year ago

I believe that they use fear to make us believe

Eligijus Silkartas
Eligijus Silkartas (@guest_1626)
1 year ago

So atheists do not believe in god because there is no evidence of it's existance. But having no evidence is not a proof that god does not exist. So how can one know for sure? Atheists believe that god does not exist in similar way that religious people believe that god does exist. So a safer way to proceed with this argument is to chose uncertainty and live by the philosophy of agnosticism

Yngve Andersen
Yngve Andersen (@guest_1625)
1 year ago

It is a strange world when comedians make more sense than some goverments…

BIG FOOT (@guest_1624)
1 year ago

He starts with the assumption that religion is harmful to kids, but he never defends it. Psychology shows us that we're hard wired for belief in God. And if you take atheism seriously, we're just a bunch of meat puppets with no point to our existence. Why don't you start living as if atheism were true for a change ?

rent a shill
rent a shill (@guest_1623)
1 year ago

hahah this guy pierce morgan
is such a fool

he got so offended and mad
oh snowflakes are always the same


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