The REAL Truth About Religion And Its Origins – MUST WATCH!! [High Quality]

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1 year ago

CHILDREN ARE Bullied BECAUSE queers taught them young fragile minds, that this lgbt disease is ok

1 year ago

You don’t have to believe or have faith to be good. All you have to do is perceive what is bad, the very seeing of what is bad is the good. I see what is bad, that seeing has now showed me what is good. You see? I’m a good person, I don’t need to have belief or faith to be a beautiful good person that loves. He who believes deceives, he who perceives receives. That’s a quote I made.

1 year ago

Really tho, I am doing a research on where religion originated from and came across your video. It had an interesting start, but as I watched a little bit further, I did not find a source to back up the claims to the point that I myself had to go and do some research to see if the claims given had a source. I have not watched the whole video to the end, but enough to stop watching it. I'm not saying the video is totally wrong or right. Just saying, that it doesn't have enough source to back up… Read more »

Troy VanVliet
1 year ago

Forced parralelisms

Troy VanVliet
1 year ago

This video has so many inaccuracies, but yet so many sheep following it, because they have no interest in accountability

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