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The First Image of Tabby's Star Structure Featuring Dr. David Kipping

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BeAware Now
BeAware Now

We are seing this to late, it's already built due to the time difference and they are on there way…run people run.. o we can't we don't have space travel. Die people die.

Dennis Nicholson
Dennis Nicholson

Is there a distance in light years at which astronomers, exobiologists, and others, who are interested in alien life, would not expect to see obvious signs of life because the stars would be too old (i.e. Population ll). How far back does this time go?

Horny Toads
Horny Toads

why ca hubble see tabbys star or any other star for that matter? when will we ever have a telescope large enuff to see at stars??

Jay Smallwood
Jay Smallwood

So if it's artificial? Perhaps it could be a fleet of alien craft that are moving across the system or maybe not a Dyson Sphere but like a Ringworld from Larry Niven perhaps? Or multiple rings that encompass the star but not completely? If it is artificial, I'm leaning on the alien fleet of vessels or perhaps an intergalactic war of a sort?

alan headrick
alan headrick

Space structures would be too expensive to build. The resources and energy are just too great.
I am thinking that even interstellar travel may also be just too costly for us and aliens.

I think if there are any advanced civilizations in our neighborhood they know we are here already.
As you see with us, we are exploring space on a very small budget. Bombing other countries is a bigger priority. I feel looking at atmospheres will be the key going forward. Just my 2 cents.


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