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How To Colonize The Moon And Mars Featuring Author of The Martian Andy Weir

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Riaan Eloff
Riaan Eloff

I don't understand why we would colonize another planet, if in doing so we would have to learn in space. Why not build colony ships and live there. Just a though

Barnard Rabenold
Barnard Rabenold

I'm just the opposite. When I tell people about a story I'm writing, I become ever more motivated to keep it going.
In fact, the thing that ended my hobby in writing was the fact that after graduating high school, there was no one interested in my writing anymore.

J R42
J R42

I love the fact that you made fun of self-published authors while being a self-published author! I will never spend a cent for one of your books, but I am seriously considering being a Patreon supporter. Your content is great, and I am surprised by the quality of guests you are, somehow, able to get on your show…

Chris Montgomery
Chris Montgomery

I'll go in a NY minute

Event Horizon
Event Horizon

New! Is 'Oumuamua a Light Sail? W/Dr. Avi Loeb:​



Andy Weir's books: Artemis (2017) https://amzn.to/2QWgt7Y
The Martian (2011) https://amzn.to/2Ob3WPr


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