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New Horizons NASA Flyby of Ultima Thule with Ben Pearson

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Cymoon RBACpro
Cymoon RBACpro

What is this object Ultima Thule? Well, the most recent pictures gives us ample information, The object is composed of two lobe or two asymmetrical spheres which are connected by a ring, this ring is well Defined and highly illuminated, these two spheres or lobes seem to be a mirror image of Each other, except One is larger. Here is what is exceptional about this object, it has many towers and spires that are extending from the surface, it also appears to be covered with an external transparent canopy. But of course NASA will spin it differently.


At 3:55– "The Rosetta mission flew by a comet that I'm not going to try and pronounce its name…"
This guy makes a living in the astronomy field? Really?
Rosetta did not fly by a comet.
It orbited the comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko.
In fact it put a lander on the comet.
A significant event that should stick in one's memory, especially if you are a professional in the field.
Is Pearson's inability to name the comet a result of a lack of preparation, or the time honored tradition of male dominated fields to overlook or belittle the accomplishments of the women, like Svetlana Gerasimenko?


what type of "fuel" does these probes use? a sort of air jet to push in a direction?


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